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My earthly dearth…

I had been hard at work on my current book with a deadline for the 25th to have it formatted and up in Createspace and Kindle. I’m not sure if I’ll make that. 


I bought an external hard drive to ease my angst (ironically, I’d bought a flash drive to save my files, had done my blog talk reviews for Jd Holiday on her It’s Story Time show, written on my blog, saved to flash and my computer crashed. Utterly and completely. And the jpegs and gifs were rescued but my books and all Photoshop documents were lost. Literally nearly the same thing happened– okay I was THINKING of blogging, but other than that, I backed up all the files (didn’t do the programs, major duh) but don’t know at this point if they were saved).


So now I’m waiting on wiser people than I to pull my butt out of the sling it’s in over the slow roasting fire. There’s been quite a few emotional setbacks in the last week, which is ironic because in the previous two I’d been thinking seriously of writing more humor. Seriously. (Especially when some had noted that there was a bit of an absence of Maine humor. It’s there, but far and wide, kind of like hopping the Portland Bay islands). Seriously.

And weirdness. I get epiphanies walking and sleeping and had one after spending the night with my eyes glued to my lighted magnifying glass (the real reason I don’t read as much as I used to). So hopefully in the next two days I’ll get on line.There are some things on process I want to share, but I can’t access my files to illustrate, so I will wait, bide my time till this weekend. And other things I want to share about the journey of publishing, not sure I want to invest, especially without the breakup of images. So there it stands.

Next month, besides trying to consolidate this blog with a website and all the other ventures, I will create Facebook pages for my books, as well as develop classroom guides, at least for Annie. And try my durndest to not be heartbroken over this shtuff and get that happy back.

Good LUCK!


room with a view

I get so verbose and introspective, and then I find stuff that just tweaks, sings, resonates, resides with me. Poor Hello, Fig, had me at “room with a view”. It all makes me smile.

hello, fig

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Well Timed

So it’s a new year (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I’ve been remiss about posting, trying to figure out the blog thing, the marketing thing, the book thing and finish Duke Day for Annie. I’m working on the very last spread to be rendered. Coloring it, adding text and cover and I will be publishing it, I’m working hard for it to be DONE in two weeks (let me know if you’d like to review it or host it on your site).

So time does slip away, and I have to self impose deadlines or nothing ever gets done. On the other hand, I’ve redone Nana’S Gift three times, and will be revisiting it again after Annie, because I’m not satisfied with it. So balancing your time against the quality of the work is important.

Part of the delay, I developed my skill level. If you ever have need of a course in visual storytelling or Photoshop or other industry information, I’ve found Will Terry‘s courses (through Folio Art with Wayne Andreason or School of Visual Storytelling with Jake Parker and a number of other talented, established artists) well worth the coinage. Some of it I knew already, but even what I knew, having it reinforced and spoken in a new angle added oomph. Not to mention a few of the things I didn’t know.

It helped with the first spread of Annie, I developed a palette (helping with consistency and time management):

1 ddfa text suns up

I will have to reset the type, but I love this coloration and think it’s so much betterer… so I think it was well worth the effort.

I lost my books and my pdf files when my computer crashed and burned. I’d actually saved everything to a flash drive, or so I thought, until it was tested. It wasn’t the first time, but the fact I’d been as proactive as my means allowed me to, it devastated me emotionally. But it also meant I had to recreate everything from the bits I could cobble, if that.

I hope and want to think it makes a stronger piece of work for all of this effort. When I originally started this particular piece I vacillated from insecurity (who was I to tell this story) to insecurity (am I ABLE to do this story justice). It has been a journey, and I hope good things come of it, because I love my work, and of course am arrogant enough to think it’s necessary.

I rediscovered my love of blending and forms and expression. A few of my favorite details from Annie:

Blog Detail2 Blog Detail 1 Blog Detail 3 Blog Detail 4

Best of all by slowing some of this down, I’m not only getting some of the results I want, I’m falling back in love with all of it. I’ve been loathe to, because of my fragile nature now, but it is what’s demanded of me if I am to create anything that matters to someone else. It HAS to matter to me first. Ultimately it’s not time SPENT. This is all time invested. And what else do I have better to do?

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